Nafez S. Alayyan

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Nafez Alayyan is the Deputy General Manager for Finance and Administration at Jerusalem Insurance Company (JICO).

Mr. Alayyan brings with him more than forty years of experience, most recently serving as the Director of Transportation at Yali and Alayyan Trading Company in Kuwait. Previously, he held the roles of Partner and Board Member of Unity Trading Est., Hyundai’s distributor in Jordan, and Second Vice Chairman and member of the board of directors at Amman Chamber of Commerce. He further served as a board member of the Social Security Corporation (2014-2017).

Today, Mr. Alayyan sits on the board of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Jordan European Business Association, and the Arabian Australian Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Alayyan received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ain Shams University, Egypt.