Mohammad Alayyan
Vice Chairman – Board of Directors

Mohammad Alayyan holds the position of CEO at Qudra Automotive Trading Company and is the Vice Chairman of National Arab Motors Company.

Alayyan has over 20 years of experience in leading organizational transformation and driving large-scale corporate growth. Most recently, he was appointed Vice President of Asria Dairy and additionally founded Jordan’s United Company for Sports (SHOOT).

Alayyan is recognized for his pivotal role in driving the growth and development of Jordan’s media industry in which he held several leading roles, like General Manager at Al Waseet Publication, CEO and Chairman of Jordan’s United TV Broadcasting Corporation (ATV), and Publisher and Chairman of Jordan’s United Press Company (Al Ghad Daily Newspaper).

Alayyan obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics and politics with a minor in accounting from the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom in 1995.