At JICO, we are deeply committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by working towards achieving sustainable development, adapting to changes, and supporting the next generation of Jordanian entrepreneurs. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the prosperity of society and elevate it to the highest levels of progress.


Our strategy towards our society is built on clear goals through which we seek to contribute to the development of the community across various domains, including the following:


Our corporate social responsibility strategy and pillars is based on:

As education is a fundamental pillar in building our society, we have launched various training initiatives for university youth and further provided a range of scholarships to students.

We strive to be an environmentally friendly company in all our business activities, operations, and branches.

We consistently introduce several initiatives to support health and humanitarian services, as we recognize that this is a key priority for our community activities.

Our company provides its support to many development institutions that play a crucial role in serving citizens and enabling them to contribute to advancing the development wheel throughout the Kingdom.

We provide continuous support to all sports-related activities that empower young athletes to capitalize on their abilities and talents.

CSR Annual Report