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Because we know WHAT MATTERS TO YOU

Health insurance is a big deal. We know that small details can make a big difference to families. We’re committed to offering flexibility on our plans, helping you to find the right health cover for your loved ones at the right price.

A medical insurance that matters.
Health Insurance that boasts your confidence

Best Coverage CURE ADVANCE

With our 3 levels of insurance you can easily chose what covers you need. and if you don’t, then just call our agents who will assist you and recommend the best insurance that suites your needs.

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If you are looking to cut the costs of hospitalization then you need our Cure Advance – In Patient Cover. This cover gets you in the hospital treatment that helps you dramatically reducing the cost. What does in patient mean? it means that you must be checked in to a hospital, not any activity inside the hospital. For example any operation, medication, X-Rays or any medical treatment while you are checkin in within a room.

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in hospital health insurance

A wide range of benefits

Our plans offer excellent benefits for families, as well as optional extras to help you tailor your cover according to your family’s unique needs.

BDoctor Visits
10 visits
ADoctor Visits
12 visits
SpecialDoctor Visits
14 visits
Inside and Outside Jordan
1 Million JDs Coverage
100% Hospital coverage
100% Doctor Coverage
Life Insurance
medical, labs, and xRays coverage80%80%90%

Maternity Benifits

Pregnancy Tests
Iron Defincy Medication
Multivitamins, Calsium and Supliments
3D/4D Images and Tests
Extra Maternity Doctor Visits4 Extra Visits6 Extra Visits9 Extra Visits
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A better health insurance system

Our Medical & Health insurance is designed to insure that you get better care and lets you focus on your self.

2090+health Provider

for Accross all the counrty we’ve got literary hundreds of pharmacies, hospitals, X-Ray centers and labratories that will cover all your needs.


With the biggest network of doctors across Jordan, Jerusalem Insurance has the best possible medical care at your services.


A universal mobile app that lets you follow your insurance types, payments and latest offers and recommendations right at your fingertips.

No FormsOnly your card

You don’t need medical forms when you’re with us. We’re completely paperless, securing you in times of corona, and in your emergencies.

3 Mins approval time

Once your doctor sends your medication to the pharmacies your approval process begins even before you arrive to the pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions mostly asked by our customers with answers to
help you better understand our insurance.

  • What are waiting periods?

    A waiting period is the amount of time an insured must wait before some or all of their coverage comes into effect. This often guarantees that the patient does not have an illness prior to the insurance policy issuance. Get the best health insurance in Jordan here

  • Can I insure my pregnant wife?

    No, no insurance will cover your wife’s pregnancy. This is due to the high risk pregnancy has. We recommend that you subscribe to the insurance at least 1 year prior to the pregnancy so that the whole coverage is covered. Learn more about pregnancy insurance.

  • I have a diabetics or High blood pressure. Can I be insured?

    Yes you can. Insurance covers usually eliminate the prior disease and it’s effects from the covers. However, there are some cases in which these exclusions can be removed for an extra amount of cash. It is up to you where you feel more comfortable with. Contact our professional insurance consultants

  • Do I have to insure my whole family?

    If you wish to add children below 18, then by law you are required to have at least one legal guardian present within the policy. Get the best health insurance in Jordan here

  • I want to switch my insurance, what do I do?

    Simple contact Jerusalem Insurance here and we’ll give you the best offer you can have, sometimes with continuity of the old insurance policy. This depends on many things and the state of health you are in.

  • How much is health insurance a month for a single person?

    It starts with 21.25 JD per month and ends with up to 120 JD per month. It depends a lot on your ages, gender and your current state of health. What you can do is to contact us and ask Jerusalem Insurance experts to assist you in making a custom health insurance plan that covers your needs. Then you can compare prices and benefits.

  • Who are Nat Health?

    Nat Health is an insurance management company that provides medical insurance services through their medical network (the largest medical network in the Kingdom with about 4,500 service providers).

  • What is the relationship of Nat Health with Al Quds Insurance Company?

    The main provider of medical insurance services as it is the largest medical network in the Kingdom.

  • Will I benefit from the expansion of the medical network within the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan?

    Of course you will, The expansion of the medical network of Al-Quds Insurance Company is one of its strongest features, as it includes coverage of all specialties in all its branches within the Kingdom, making it easier for you to choose the most suitable for you.

  • What is the electronic card?

    The electronic card is a smart card that can be used to obtain medical services through the network without the need to present paper forms. You can also get the benefit of disbursing chronic treatments from approved pharmacies without any prior arrangement.

  • How can I renew a medical contract?

    You can renew your contract annually on the same or under different terms and conditions by the agreement of the two parties.

  • Will I be notified when the policy should be renewed?

    Yes, we make sure to contact you at least one month before the policy expires so that it can be renewed and we will follow up with you, either through the liaison officer (insurance agent) or we will contact you directly.

  • What is the waiting period?

    The waiting period is a period of time that starts from 6 months to a year.  The beneficiary coverage begins upon the expiry of the waiting period

  • Can the waiting period (insurance continuity request) be canceled?

    The company or institution can request to cancel the waiting period from the insurance company if certain conditions are met, such as proof of previous continuous medical insurance.

  • Can any of the insurers be added to the insurance policy ?

    Yes, this is possible but with following the below procedures:

    -Fill out insurance application and declare all previous medical issues if found, for new employees, and their families (marriages, births).

    -In both cases, the contractor must formally notify the insurance company of that, accompanied by the notification of the needed documents (a copy of the appointment letter, a copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of the birth certificate).

    According to the case of addition, the insurer must in all cases complete the insurance application and all that is needed for the addition and send it to the company. It is not permissible to add retroactively or in advance so that the date of the addition is indicated by the insurance application and the insurance company has the right to accept or reject it according to what is stipulated and agreed upon in the insurance policy .

  • Can any of insurers be canceled in the policy?

    Yes, it can be canceled, within the following cases:

    -Termination of the legal affiliation of any of the legal affiliate (dependents)

    -Termination of any insured subscriber employee with the contractor.

    – The death of the insured person or reaching the age of sixty-five according to the medical contract.

    -The presence of double insurance, and in such cases, the contractor must formally notify the company of that accompanied by the needed supporting documents such as (a copy of a letter of termination of service, a death certificate, or a divorce certificate) according to the state of cancellation

  • Is it possible to amend the medical insurance policy?

    Yes, you can only do this upon renewal, and it will be through:

    – A request for amendment a month before the policy renewal in order to study the case and approve it.

  • What if the treatment was consumed outside the hospital (consumption of all visits)?

    If there was an additional benefit in the insurance contract, the customer is granted additional visits, according to an official request from the liaison officer (insurance agent).

  • Does the insurance cover medical issues related to teeth and eyes?

    Yes, according to the conditions and coverage limit agreed between the two parties, where the insurer has the right to request the coverage limit he wants and according to what is agreed upon with the insurance company.

  • Can the amount required when purchasing a medical insurance policy be paid in installments?

    Yes, according to the credit policy and terms and conditions of the insurance company, which are provided to you upon approval of the insurance offer (price and coverage).

  • Can a medical insurance contract be canceled?

    Yes, it can be canceled by both parties, however the other party should be notified of this 30 days before the date of cancellation, and the insurer will be responsible of any financial claim before the date of cancellation.

  • Can children only be insured without parents, or a wife with her children only?

    All family members should be included in the medical insurance policy, the family will be considered according to the family book.

    In some cases we do exceptions such as if the father lives abroad, children’s age over 18 years old, or having active insurance for 1 of the family members.

    In all cases mentioned, you should provide the company with a proof of the reason and then wait for the approval.

  • What is the case of compensation, if the treatment was through a non network party or outside Jordan?

    Yes of course, as the payment should be paid to the medical network directly and then you should provide us with detailed reports and invoices within a period of 15 days from the date of treatment.

    The insured will be compensated for medial costs covered, according to the local rates mentioned in the insurance policy taking into consideration the terms and conditions agreed upon in the medical insurance policy between the 2 parties.

  • Since the medical network and approvals belong to another insurance management company, is there any way to follow up on this through you?

    Yes, as we have a complete approval section (team) to follow up with our clients and an effective phone line available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide assistance regarding any inquiry or any emergency situation.

  • What is the reason for refusing laboratory and radiological examinations?

    The reasons vary, the following are 2 examples:

    -The required pre-insurance is not declared

    -Not related to medical conditions It may be subject to waiting periods.

  • What is the reason for refusing covering medicines?

    The reason may be that the medicines are not registered or subject to the 16% uninsured tax that is mentioned in the insurance policy

  • What is the reason for refusing to check-in in a hospital?

    The reason may be exception of the medical condition or that its under the waiting period.

  • What is the state of the previous insurance?

    It is the history of the insurer’s medical condition before joining the insurance and which has not been declared (disclosed) by them on the insurance application. Usually they are aware of it from before, or getting treatment on it, or still suffering from it.

  • What is the reason for rejecting the visit completely?

    The reason for rejection may be that the medical condition is not covered by the insurance.

  • Are there waiting periods for chronic diseases?

    Yes, by applying the waiting period mentioned in the insurance policy, unless covered exceptionally and by agreement between the two parties

  • Are all medicines dispensed such as chronic medicines and vitamins, Will all medicine be dispensed like chronic medicines and vitamins ?

    Chronic medicines are dispensed according to the insurance-coverage and after studying the case after the Chronic Diseases section that is under the Medical Insurance Department, the medicines should be registered in the Jordanian Ministry of Health.

  • What are the reports required for chronic disease prescription approval?

    A recent medical report on the medical condition and the medications to be dispensed continuously, showing the daily doses from a specialist. Providing us with laboratory tests, if required.

  • Is the coverage of the out patient case calculated within the coverage of the chronic treatment conditions?

    Usually, the coverage of the treatment for chronic diseases is separated from the coverage of the out-patient treatment taking into consideration what is stated in the insurance policy.

  • Does individual insurance cover first-year pregnancy?

    Pregnancy and childbirth  will be covered after the waiting period mentioned in the insurance policy which is (12 months).

  • Can the coverage be used from one year to another?

    Each year has a separated coverage from the following year and it can’t be used for next year. Only for the current year

  • Is there an In-patient insurance?

    Yes, we provide in-patient insurance

  • What is the maximum age of the beneficiary to be covered by individual insurance policies?

    65 years old

  • I am currently insured by another insurance company, and my contract will expire in the coming days. I would like to make an insurance policy with you with the granting of insurance continuity?

    Insurance continuity can be granted when the following conditions are met:

    -Having a continuous insurance policy with a maximum period of 1 month without insurance.

    -Having insurance for two consecutive years from a local insurance company.

    -The underwriting of the insurance affiliation application is subject to the Medical Insurance Department for approval or rejection.

Customer Reviews

  • Rand Al Sakka


    Very prompt response to my initial enquiry – extremely helpful and professional staff.

    They gave me the most suited package for me and for my 3 children

    5 stars
  • Khalid Abu Al Hija


    My family left Saudi Arabia this summer. It was not easy being this far away from them.

    Ahmad from JICO really helped me pick the best possible package!

    5 stars
  • Mariam Taha


    I’ve never had to waite inline at a pharmacy and I’ve always been able to secure my monthly dosage with

    My Chronic medications are delivered to the pharmacy each month right on time

    5 stars
  • Rand Al Sakka


    Very prompt response to my initial enquiry – extremely helpful and professional staff.

    They gave me the most suited package for me and for my 3 children

    5 stars
  • Khalid Abu Al Hija


    My family left Saudi Arabia this summer. It was not easy being this far away from them.

    Ahmad from JICO really helped me pick the best possible package!

    5 stars
  • Mariam Taha


    I’ve never had to waite inline at a pharmacy and I’ve always been able to secure my monthly dosage with

    My Chronic medications are delivered to the pharmacy each month right on time

    5 stars