In Case of an accident call

What To Do
In Case Of A Emergency

Don’t worry Jerusalem Insurance has you covered.

Claims Procedure

In case of a claim you should contact the assistance company Alarm Center on the following numbers:

Then please provide them with the following information:

  • Company reference: ISA
  • Full name
  • Policy number and expiry date
  • Reason for hospital admission / Health Status

In case diagnosis is covered as per policy terms and conditions the assistance company will guarantee directly the payment for admission.

I can’t reach the phone number What Do I Do now?

In case for a good reason the client could not contact the assistance company and in case of Direct claim the below documents are required:

  • Full detailed medical report, past medical history
  • Original Invoices from the Service providers
  • Copy of the travel insurance policy.
  • Copy of the passport showing entry date to the foreign
  • country.
  • For Covid-19 Cover
    • 5-Original +ve PCR Test
    • 6- Hotel Quarantine accommodation Invoices
  • Keep every document you get for any treatment, X-Ray or lab test you might have needed.

All documents must be delivered to the travel agent in any country where ISA operates All documents will be verified and if the case is covered the amount covered will be refunded under the terms of the document

File a Travel Claim
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